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Questions and answers on CoolHijab

Questions and Answers as a guide for 1st time CoolHijab user
What’s the amount to be used?
Reccomended to squeeze the bottle 3 to 4 times per application. Use more for longer hair.
Should I use hair shampoo prior to applying CoolHijab?
It is highly recommended as shampooing your hair will wash off unwanted dirts on your scalp and hair.
How soon will I feel the difference / impact after applying CoolHijab?
As soon as 15 seconds, you will start to feel the revitalizing freshness on your hair.
How long will the nice smell and freshness sustain on every application?
CoolHijab is formulated for women with Hijab. You will feel the sensational feeling while wearing your scarf. In hot weather, your head will produce sweat. The sweat when in contact with CoolHijab serum will produce refreshing feelings. The nice smell will stay for up to 8 – 24 hours.
Why do i still face hair loss problem?
It is a normal condition for people with hair loss problem. It might caused by excessive use of hair care products before. It is recommendedCoolHijab will treat the hair follicle and promotes hair re-growth as CoolHijab contains Vitamins normally used for hair treatment.
Will the scalp and hair feels sticky after applying CoolHijab?
No, it wont. Made of Virgin Enriched Oil and other non greasy ingredients, CoolHijab do not produces funny smell or let your hair and head feels sticky.
Can I directly sniff CoolHijab?
Yes, and highly recommended. The smell may assist in reducing migrain and works as a stress releiver.
How many times should I apply CoolHijab in a day?
Twice a day – morning after bath and night before bedtime. If you are a man, and use hair gel in the morning, the same rules applies.
Is CoolHijab meant for women in hijab only?
CoolHijab can be worn by everyone; free hair women, man in hat, even riders in helmet or even bald people.
30ml of CoolHijab is meant for how many application?
1 bottle of 30ml CoolHijab can be used for a month. A bottle is equivalent to 120 sprays.
Do you have variance of CoolHijab smell?
CoolHijab comes only in 1 type which is a special flowery smell from France that is good for your hair.
What if I feel dizzy or my hair loss worsened?
Should the negative impact continues for more than a week, it is recommended for you to stop using CoolHijab. You might not suit our products. No refund request will be entertained unless medical letter is issued by the authority.
Where can I purchase CoolHijab?
CoolHijab can only be purchased through to ensure the genuity of it.